Monday, July 5, 2010

2010 World Cup in South Africa

Much has been written about the current world cup and most seems to be pretty positive stuff. South Africa has stood up and allowed itself to shine. The people of this nation have banded in unison under one common goal of enjoyment and enthusiasm for this beautiful game and the fans from around the world. I have spent time in the rural hills of Kwa Zu Natal, where no tourist has ventured similarly I have spent (all to much time ) in the fan parks of Durban beach front and everywhere the feeling is the same, it one of lightness and enthusiasm for the events that are taking place on our shores. This bodes well for our young volunteers who apprehensively write me questions about life in SA, the answers are the same, "Whats it like?"well, come and see for yourself, the world cup is a show case and we are the prize. Of course nothing can be taken away form the troubles of this land and the dire needs on the ground all fueled by much incompetence and a ridiculous government grant system that fuels the wistfulness of the people. However if you like football or not this world cup has done wonders for us all as a nation, and the vuvuzelas are still blowing from the distant hills right through to the heart of the cites. Feel it is is still here!

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