Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A general understanding

All we need is a general understanding of what we want and a willingness to allow access to the transformation tools available and there it is! life! happiness! finances! love.

The universe is magical and unexplainable, there are experiences that can touch the deepest primal part of ourselves while others others just pass us by. Is it a case of awareness, recognition, intention or is it just faith. I like to think its a combination of both as without faith we would struggle to tray and explain the unexplainable yet without awareness and intention for the highest good we would not know faith.

We have unlimited power in creating our lives for example this morning as I sit here I am actively choosing to do an experiment for the day, I am going to try and meditate and clear the mind then ask for inspiration within the workplace, to guide me on the right track.
How will I know if it has worked or if there was any divine guidance?
Not sure
I will let you know.

Right now I am just going to sit and meditate!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Building a school

It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of the building process, new beginning, each step is embedded in hope. I suppose we all want to feel like we are making a difference in some form or another and a school is a real soft target. One has a sense of pride that in the building of this simple structure the way is set for generations of knowledge transfer. Inspirational at best.
The steel honeycomb structures go up pretty quickly, the brick making is the laborious part. One hand compressor is used to compact a mixture of mud, clay and straw, they are then left to bake in in the African sun oven. Time is urgent yet allusive as it will take as long as it takes.

The community are behind the school and have seen the improvements in their children, so the energy is high and there are many helpers at the ready.

There is always room for more help!