Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Empowerment and sustainability in South Africa

This picture shows Adam (a volunteer from the UK) and Northa (a resident in Sicambeni village) working side by side making bricks, they are using a simple machine that compacts the locally found mixture of clay, sand and reeds.

It's a great way to contribute and keep fit at the same time, as a volunteer with VSA you will definitely find yourself a part of this process.
A community is built brick by brick, person by person and if you believe in karma, energy exchange or intention, then these bricks are the foundation of a community built out of love, care and mutual respect. Every human has the basic right to shelter, take that right remove the entitlement attitude many governments install in their people and empower each individual to take an active role in the building of his/her own community buildings and you are left with a strong individual and a united community.

Action is the first step to a result.

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