Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The food project

We are very far away from our original source of food, organic foods are luxury high priced items, while processed nutrient deficient foods are on every corner. In Rural South Africa most people live off highly processed starch, maize and wheat and add refined white sugar to their daily diet.

A balanced, natural diet can ease mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety, and mild depression. Since the mental and physical selves are closely bound to one another, it makes sence to feed both foods on which they can thrive. Poverty is a common cause for poor nutrition, however if communities and individuals could only see how much food can be produced form a very small patch of land we could all be the tenders of our inner and outer gardens.

There is a project up in the hills of Port st Johns which is focused on showing the community how to grow a variety of foods, how to cook the foods and how to save the seeds and plant the next cycle. It is called CART (Centre for Appropriate Rural Technology).


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